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Thread: Advice about cost of move

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    Advice about cost of move

    Hi There,

    I am new here and hoping to get some advice about my move that is happening in September! I currently live in New Jersey, and my boyfriend lives in California. I will be moving in with him in September, and we have already decided that I will be selling all of my furniture and things I don't need. I will just be moving my clothes, shoes, etc... which is still a lot. I plan on shipping it to California over time, since this will be much cheaper in the long run than renting a truck or other options. Boyfriend will fly to New Jersey to make the cross-country drive with me. I'm excited and think it will be fun!

    I have a few questions:

    - Does anyone have any advice on moving my items? I researched a bunch and shipping seems to be the cheapest option, but advice is appreciated if you have done it differently!

    - How should the cost of moving be managed? I know I am the one moving, but I am also doing it for him so I feel like I shouldn't be paying for everything. I can have an open discussion with him, but wanted to see if those with experience have done it a certain way.

    - Any other advice you can give me!

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    I moved from NH to CA (and back). I used a U-haul, but one that was towed and only went one-way. I found it easier than shipping, plus I didn't have to worry about my items geting lost. I had some family furniture, my kids baby stuff - things that were not replacable if lost.

    The U-haul wasn't all that expensive since I used one that you tow instead of a full U-haul truck. The gas cost around $600 but gas was much more expensive at the time I moved. (I won $800 at a casino in N.M. on the way through, so that covered gas and hotel stays.) It's between the two of you how you manage the money portion. I was in a better financial situation than he was, so I would have paid for it all, including his flight out to me, to make it easier. We just lucked out at the casino to cover what I had already planned to pay.
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    When my husband moved here to Ga from NY We rented a truck, loaded it and drove it in one day , 17 of the longest hours of my life...with two dogs! He paid for it if I remember correctly. I bought my ticket to fly there so I could drive back with him. I offered to pay half...he wouldn't let me.

    I love him. Forever. And every day after that.

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