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Thread: PARIHUG: Huggable plushie around the world

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    PARIHUG: Huggable plushie around the world

    Hello everyone!

    So I was just browsing through kickstarter (because I LOVE to see innovative things and support projects that I believe deserve a shot) and this project was recommended to me:

    PARIHUG: Hug Loved Ones From Anywhere In The World

    (Click the link to go to the project page)

    We've already seen similar stuff like this - pillows that let you know when your SO is using his so you can feel closer while trying to sleep, applications that sync with your SO's touch, etc. - but it's always nice to see people still trying more and more things and I love that this isn't only for romantic long distance relationships. I LOVE plushies and I will most definitely support this, because the more we support things like this, the more they will create technology that allows us, those in LDR, to feel closer to our loved ones. <3

    They have a lot of information on their page and I would recommend you to take a look even if you're not planning to get one, and maybe even pass on the word? ^^

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    This looks so cute! I got my SO a cute bear which i recorded my voice on that she can give a hug and hear me and she was impressed enough at that so she'd love this. I'd absolutely love to donate to it but I have to really save money for university just now >.<
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