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Thread: Hey ! Anthony here

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    Hey ! Anthony here

    Hey there i'm Anthony im 19 and i live in France i came to this website because i wanted to learn some about ldrs get some advice and maybe get one.
    I want to give a try to ldr because im not attractive at all and also because for some personnal reason i cant (physicaly) approach any girl at all so i thought it could help me getting through and maybe meet the love of my life, who knows 😁
    Nice to meet you everyone o/
    (Btw if anyone is interested or just want to talk and be friends feel free to message me)
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    Honestly, I personally wouldn't wish an LDR on anyone. It can be draining physically, emotionally, and financially to be x number of miles/kilometers from your SO. No matter how unattractive you may feel, eventually as a human you will want in-person bonding time (unless you are dead certain you won't from past experience, not just from visualizing the future in the here and now). Especially if you fall in love with someone from another country and have to deal with visa issues and possibly higher travel expenses. If you want to try online dating, I would personally advise you to check out the options in your area first. There's plenty of free apps out there for chatting with people in your area (unless you live in like Antarctica).
    One more issue I would like to bring up...are you ready for a long term relationship? Are you at where you want to be in terms of your personal life, career, living situation, etc? Obviously, life happens as you plan it, and no one is ever perfectly "ready" in my opinion, but you should have your own life and not expect random blips on the internet to give that to you.
    If you decide to go ahead and find someone far far away, enjoy getting to know them and their culture. Be respectful and communicate honestly over culture and religious differences. It's an incredible experience, for sure.
    Just my two cents' worth....good luck in whatever you decide to do! And if you find that lovely person, stick around, because the support groups on here really help!

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    Being in a long distance relationship can be hard. If you start to meet up it can get expensive, and if international, come with practical issues. Even just communicating over the distance can be challenging with time differences, delays and other demands of life. I have not seen my love in 5,5 months due to loosing my job and it it is very hard to be apart. Ld has its own logic that you can never tell before you are part of one. For instance I get nervous when SO travels, because it disturbs my image of him being in "our" place. Dont think Ld is an easy way. It is just different.

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