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Thread: HELP! I'm excited

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    HELP! I'm excited

    I'm finally getting ready to make the move from USA to Scotland. It has been months and months of delays. I haven't seen my fiancÚ since September 2016. I found out I was pregnant in October but unfortunately miscarried in December. I was supposed to leave in March but then he was admitted to the hospital for nearly a month. So here we are in May and I'm just waiting on him to receive a check from having to move, his building was being torn down, and hopefully by the end of June or the start of July I'll be back in Scotland.

    I truly love my fiancÚ. He's definitely my soulmate. We've never had an awkward moment together. Little bit of backstory... We met in a Game of Thrones group via facebook, became friends and then realized we love each other. Decided that we were worth the challenges of a long distance relationship. December 2015 we made our relationship official. September 2016 we got engaged and our wedding will be September 2017. Neither of us is rich though, our family's are useless, but in some things we will need help.

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    Hope your move to Scotland is going smoothly!

    Excited for you and your fiance's life together! Wish you the best for your future and upcoming wedding! <3

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    Good luck with the move, moving internationally seems like a giant pain but I hope it goes well for you! I have to say i'm a little bit jealous, my SO and I met in 2015 too and are no where near ready for either of us to move. I'm guessing you're doing the fiancee visa since you guys are getting married? Just always nice to hear about others experiences with stuff like this since hopefully my SO will be moving to Scotland with me eventually
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