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Thread: Quite a story...

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    Quite a story...

    So, I'm new to LFAD. Thought I should get in on the forums and talk to you guys (and girls). My relationship is pretty... non-traditional. I'm going to be honest here and say I catfished her. It's not my proudest moment and it caused more problems than it was worth. When she called me out on it, that was our first Skype session, I told her a lot. This, however was continued with a lot of lying on my part, and a big lie on her's (which I deserved). I lied about my age, my gender, my looks, and I've gotten it all off my chest, and she still loves me, so I'm pretty lucky and really don't deserve her in hindsight. She had lied about her looks, using her sister's pictures, but on our one month anniversary, she came out with it and now we're pretty happy even with out fair share of fighting. Fast forward to this month. Earlier this month, she told me she had Stage 2 breast cancer, and never once mentioned it again, at least until two days ago. She said that it was her third time having it, but that, (thankfully), it was receding. We're fighting through this and are making it work.

    To anybody who actually read this, thank you for listening.

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    To have a good relationship that started off with lies, you will need to be extra open and honest.

    For her to not really talk to you about have stage 2 (aka operable-worthy) breast cancer, she is either very scared and does not trust you very much - or she is lying about it. Either way, your lines of communication does not seem very open. I have no idea what you mean by that you are "fighting through it", if you hardly even mention it. Sounds like either she is fighting alone, or lying to get back at you.

    Ps. You have a start date that has not been yet. If you dont want to tell us, you have the option to keep the field blank.

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