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Thread: Confused feelings, complicated relationship

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    Confused feelings, complicated relationship

    As of yesterday, this girl and I considered ourselves dating... It's only been 2 weeks since we met on snapchat. I can't stop thinking about her whenever she's not talking to me, and it's hard now that school is starting. She has school, and I don't until august 21. So everyday, I wait for her or she waits for me when I have work. She sees a lot of other guys, and a lot of guys like her. So I'm not even sure if this is possible. I asked her for her feelings yesterday, and she said "idk I have no idea your really cute and really sweet and really nice and I honestly can't stop thinking about you when I'm not talking about you". Then I asked if we're friends or more then she said "You choose no takebacks" and I said dating lmao. But that felt weird to do over snapchat. I want to facetime her really bad, but I'm also nervous for it. I'm nervous to facetime her. Is facetiming awkward? Will I act the same? I'm kind of stressed for no reason.

    We live like 300 miles apart, I'm 16 she's 14. Apparently her dad doesn't want her to date anyone, but she does have family in ohio so she planned to ask her dad to see a movie up here. Then I'll drive up and she'd go to the bathroom midmovie then see me. The chances of even that are slim, but it's worth a try. Is it possible to have a relationship last even though you never see each other in real life? I feel like she's perfect for me, but I can't process my thoughts very well. I don't know what I'm feeling, but why is this hard for me?

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    Hey crynoking ^^

    I just read your post and it really seems like you are in the typical first phase of having a crush on this girl, with everything that comes with it like being excited, wanting to write as much as possible and meeting as soon as possible as well. But it's really only been two weeks since you met and you also mention the thing about her seeing other guys. So I would suggest to wait and see how things will develop with her for a bit longer, to get to know each other more, what will also help to get clear about your thoughts and feelings on both sides with time.

    I think trying to talk via Facetime could be some thing that can show how you get along "in person" like this and help. It might feel awkward at first because of the nervousness but when you get into talking then it often just fades away and you are just happy to see each other. If you will act the same like always or not is a question only you can answer yourself, because you know the best how you act around other people and especially when you meet someone you really like. But the best thing is always just being yourself and it will work out

    The opportunity to meet in Ohio when she is visiting her relatives there can be kept in mind through all this for the point where you know how well you still get along after some time and then you hopefully can plan some real meeting as well that has not to be happening in secret for only a few minutes in the cinema but somewhere where you can really sit together, talk and enjoy the time without the pressure of time and also to avoid the problems that could come up otherwise. =)

    It's not easy but often pays out.

    I hope my words can help a bit^^

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