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Thread: Salutations, loves!

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    Salutations, loves!

    Hello all!

    I'm new to the LFAD Community. I recently started a LDR with my boyfriend of ten years. He moved to start a medicinal marijuana business with a family member in California - we live in NYC. So, over thousand of miles are separating us now.

    My mother is worried that this will not work out. My boyfriend tends to flip flop on things he wants to do as a long term career. I have doubts as well, but I'm letting him live out this dream. Either way, he would have wanted to do this - so who am I to say no?

    I'm worried that my mom's doubts and opinions will become true. I don't want to feel like my boyfriend will stay in California and won't come back. I don't want to believe that he will choose this over the relationship.

    Since its been two months since the LDR started, I'm wondering if I should end it off now and save the potential heartache or continue to try this out and see where it takes us? I feel so stupid like I'm not in control of anything. its difficult to bein this situation.

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    Hi and welcome.

    The most important thing in an LDR - and the only thing you have - is communication. When you feel doubt, talk about it with him.

    Do I understand you do this because he wants it? You don't want it, then? If you don't want it, it will never work out, of course.

    Two months is not that long yet. And I don't know your age, but I have a slight feeling you're still at school. After you finish, and if all is still okay between the two of you, why not move there? In an LDR you have to be open-minded to every possibility. If not, an LDR (with that person?) is not the best idea. But both should be willing to sacrifice certain things...
    Distance means nothing when someone means everything.

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