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Thread: What to get for her birthday?

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    What to get for her birthday?

    Hello everyone,

    I love my girlfriend of two years to the extent that each day when we chat/call/video call, my love for her just strengthens. We have had our intense fights and arguments, but even with LDR we would get together within an hour or two after the fight. Lately her phone has been acting up so I got her a new phone (not the best, but under my budget and that has all of the features). I made a small package of the phone along with some other personal items. Her birthday isnt till next year and I still have time. But I want to start thinking what I want to get her. For my birthday, she bought a small journal four moths before my bday and wrote and drew all over it. I was planning on buying a journal and fill each page with pictures of us and sweet captions, but I think its too redundant.

    What is everyone's suggestion?

    Also, we still will be miles apart on her birthday next year

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    Well, two things here...
    Welcome, btw.

    First, of course we neither know you, nor your girlfriend, nor your budget... Did you check on her what she would like to get for her birthday?

    What about one of the items from the site here?
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